1pm – 2pm Daily Closure

Starting from Monday 6th March 2023, the practice will be closing between 1pm and 2pm, Monday to Friday.  If you Read More…

Keeping track of your medication supplies and ordering your medication in a timely manner ensures a smooth ordering process for us, your pharmacy and most importantly, you.


Please order your medication no later than two working days before it is required. This will allow us appropriate time to process your request. If you wish to collect your prescription directly from a pharmacy, please order your medication no later than five working days before it is required. This gives the pharmacy time to collect and prepare your prescription if you use their collection services.


An earlier expectation creates avoidable pressure and disrupts the smooth running for all parties involved.


We offer a variety of ways for you to order your repeat prescription, they are as follows:

  • If you have a pin for Patient Access you can log in here to submit your request.
  • A telephone answer machine is available 24hrs during each working business day to record repeat prescription requests on 01389 811845.
  • You can hand your prescription counterfoil to our reception desk or your pharmacy.